Buy and Sell PDC NFTs

Make post-dated crypto payments similar to traditional
post-dated checks with PDC Finance smooth and easy.


PDC Marketplace

Create and sell your NFTs

Set up your wallet

For instance, John received a PDC from Ethereum Foundation for payment of DAI 10,000/- while the payment date is 60 days from now. John can easily place the PDC NFT on the PDC Finance marketplace for funding. Easy as that!

Create Your Collection

Set up your collection by clicking the Create button. Then, participate in secondary sales by including social links, a description, a profile, banner images, and a set sales fee.

Add Your NFTs

Upload your creation (image, video, audio, or 3D art), and give your work-of-art a title and description while personalizing your NFTs with properties and statistics.

List Them For Sale

You can effortlessly select from auctions, fixed-price ads, or declining-price listings. Ways of trading your NFTs are entirely up to you!